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July 2017


    Location: in the heat of summer

    If I could use two words to describe this summer, I’d say coffee + wine. I am such a minimal drinker–as in one glass of red when out to dinner, mayyyybe…I drink coffee on the daily, but summer has me downing two cups–one for each kiddo, just kidding, but not really…I’m exhausted! Harlow sleeps from 8:30 at night to about 4:00 a.m. and then he’s up pretty much every half hour from there on. It’s been a struggle. I used the Ferber sleep training method to get him to sleep in his crib, and it has surprisingly worked really well, but if you could solve the 4 a.m. thing for me, that would be the absolute best!

    Anyway, all these 4 a.m. wake up calls and a full schedule has had me drinking way more wine than usual, but I’m not complaining. I’m actually thinking of it like a vacation, since I can’t  go on a real one right now. Anyhow, I thought it would be fun to come up with a ledger of all the things I’m thinking of doing in August, one thing for each day.

    Well, here goes a whole lotta nothin’…

    AUG 01   Sign up for a wine club. I love the branding of Winc, but the concept of Dry Farm Wines. Have you tried either of the two?

    AUG 02   Find a good dress to get me through to October. I really love the chambray options of this one shoulder dressthis belle sleeved dress.

    AUG 03   Have yourself a spoonful of organic peanut butter or almond butter in lieu of dessert.

    AUG 04    Schedule our yearly physicals, eye exams, and bi-annual dental exams before school starts back up again. Read more



    As I previously stated, we were going to be moving, and it all happened!!! Most of my absence here can be attributed to the move (which was so stressful) and all the growing pains that come along with big life change. We were able to secure the place we really wanted and spent an entire month moving so, so slowly. I have moved 8 times in the past 6 years. It has been a rollercoaster to say the least, and I am completely ready to stay somewhere for a good while. So cheers to being home sweet home, and I can’t wait to show you more photos!

    We are currently renting, and therefore have restrictions on how much we are able to really “modify.” The place is a bit outdated, so I knew I would have to renovate a few fixable things. The kitchen was painted a horrible color with pink undertones and with all of the curves and appliances in such a tiny space, I wasn’t up for painting it (we painted nearly everything else, which is a whole other post in itself!). I knew something had to be done, and so in a frantic search online, I came across Smart Tiles. Smart Tiles are adhesive faux tiles that are durable, yet removable–every renter/serial renovator’s dream. I looked all over the web for different options, including wallpaper, but this seemed to be the easiest, functional, and most cost effective option. I was able to finish the application process within three hours. I used this Hexago style and it took exactly 40 tiles to complete my project (Tip: Always order a few extra tiles than you calculate you will need to leave room for error!). The also have a really handy calculator to figure out how many panels you might need for your project. I really also love this vintage gaudi model, and was so torn in choosing, but my kitchen is so small and I didn’t want it to look too busy!

    Every part of this project was so easy, and anytime I was doubting or questioning what I was doing, I’d just refer to their installation videos on their website which are extremely helpful. All I needed, aside from the Smart Tiles themselves, was a self-healing cutting mat, an x-acto knife, and a straight acrylic ruler.

    ^^^Here is a before photo. Can you see the pink in the paint I told you about?! ^^^

    And for the after pics!
    I was able to get most of the “eye-level” pink out with the tiles, and it has made me way less annoyed with it. Who knows, I may just go in and take the hexago tiles all the way up to the ceiling, either that or wallpaper above the back splash, what do you think would look better?

    Overall, I’m really happy with this solution, and I’m glad I can still make my rental a bit more “me” and my style. What are some of your favorite rental upgrades and renovations? I wanna know what I should tackle next!

    We are so excited to have partnered with Smart Tiles for this post! Thank you so much for supporting the brands that keep this place going. As always, all words and opinions are my own.