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October 2017


    Location: IN A GALAXY, FAR, FAR AWAY

    Happy Halloween! I’m such a sucker for a good costume, and this year, Luca’s took the cake! Hope you all have a fun one! Now gimme all the peanut butter cups!




    Location: Home

    Happy Halloween Eve everyone! I know I’m late to the party, and I’ve been promising a home tour for quite some time now, but I finally got around to it! I sincerely love Halloween decorations and our new little space wears them well! I’ll definitely be sad to take them down in a few days…I do love decorating for Thanksgiving and Christmas too though, so at least it’s not like the day after Christmas where everything comes down and all of a sudden my house looks barren! I linked everything I could think of below, but if you have any other questions, just ask! More rooms to come soon, what would you like to see next?! Read more



    Location: on our bookshelf

    I haven’t done a “what we’re reading” post in some time now, so I figured I would round up a few of the books we are loving right now. It’s so fun, at this age, that Luca can listen, understand, and appreciate books. I hope his love for books sticks. I know for me, books always took me anywhere in this world I wanted to go, and to this day, there is simply nothing more comforting to me than reading or being read to. Halloween comes with it’s share of fun, but there are some really cute books out there we’ve been keeping on rotate during this season. We hope you like them as much as we do!

    There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat // Based off the song “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly,” and just a really cute read-along-sing-along.

    Room on the Broom // I know most of you have probably already become big fans of “Room on the Broom,” like us, but just in case you are unfamiliar, this is a must have. It rhymes and the story line is perfection. They also have the film rendition of it on Netflix. Both have been on repeat over here.

    How to Make friends with a Ghost // Ordered this off Amazon on the fly to add to our Halloween collection, and I think it’s my personal favorite from the list. I love the illustrations, and it reminds me so much of This Moose Belongs to Me, which is another favorite of ours.

    Triangle // This book looks so cute on a bookshelf, I’ll admit that’s why I bought it, but it turned out the adorable story about a square and triangle who prank each other is well worth its shelf space.

    Dracula // This one is more for Harlow, but Luca likes to count with all the objects in the photos. Jen Adams makes the prettiest picture books and primers from classic stories.

    Popcorn // I found this in a collection at my dad’s house. It was mine when I was younger, and I’m so glad I found it! I had forgotten all about it, but as I read it, it all came back to me, not to mention, I think it goes for $7 or something like that! It’s totally worth sacrificing a latte for.

    The Bad Seed // This is the last book on our list, and I love the lesson behind it, that even those who choose to do bad things, can in turn, choose to become good. It also shows how bad ways, can stem from much deeper places. I always try and teach Luca to see the good in all people, and this is a great introduction to such a wide-spanning and impactful concept.

    Edgar and the Tattle Tale Heart // based off of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Tell Tale Heart, this is such a fun little rendition for little ones, especially those with siblings, *cough* Luca & Harlow *cough,cough*

    There you have it! Our October reading list! Have you read any of these books? Do you have any Halloween books you’d recommend for us?! Always looking to expand our library, so send em’ on our way!



    It’s been a while since I did an update on Luca and Harlow, and since they are growing up way too fast, I thought I would post one here and now. We are in such a busy season of our lives right now, and even though my eyes are tired and my brain is foggy, I know one day I will look back on this chapter and miss it dearly. I don’t think I’ve yet mentioned it on the blog, but I’ve been working two days a week as a waitress at a breakfast/lunch spot a bit further down south. I chose to go back to work to help bring in extra income and to take some of the financial weight off of Miles’ shoulders.  I waited tables all through college, and I knew if I was only going to be able to work twice a week, that would be the only job that would bring in a substantial cashflow, and at the same time allow me a flexible schedule with the kiddos. Basically, the job had to be worth my time. It hasn’t been too hard of an adjustment. I’ve been in this new routine since May, and I’ve seen how it has helped our family tremendously. I love being able to contribute monetarily for my family although I do still long for the day I can stop pouring other people’s coffee, and be back at home with L + H. There is no undignified work though, and I am no better than the career of waitressing, I am a waitress, after all. I always remind myself why I do what I do, and in this moment in time, I do what I do for them. I don’t know how I got so lucky to be their mama, but gosh I am so grateful I am. So onto much more exciting and important things, Lu and Harlow!

    Luca Lennox 4 years 2 months— Wow, is this a fun age. Luca is becoming his own person more and more everyday, and his individuality is beaming through. I have really been working towards harvesting that, and trying my best not to influence it too much with my own wants and aspirations for him. The conversations we have are some of my favorite. He’s more observant than anyone I know, and loves so darn hard. Lu also loves to dance, probably more than anything else. His favorite songs are ’24K Magic’ and ‘Uptown Funk’ by Bruno Mars. Also a close runner up is ‘Believer’ by Imagine Dragons. He’s had the dance moves going ever since his little ears first heard a song, and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. I wish I could say he got his moves from his dad and I, but I’m pretty sure this is an inherent talent. He calls the splits the “squants” which is absolutely hysterical when you say it out loud.  He really enjoys going to preschool, and comes home singing about the colors in Spanish everyday. He is still off the charts in height + size for his age, in fact, when I carry him from the car while he’s sleeping, it looks pretty ridiculous as his legs hang far down below my knees. A few years more, and I’m certain he’ll outgrow me. He’s a sensitive soul with a really big heart. Loves being a big brother, wants to eventually try out for America’s Got Talent, born with the gift of gab, and has a laugh identical to the grade school Grinch (in the Jim Carey version)…Oh Martha!, Oh Christmas!

    Harlow Rue 1 year 5 months–Lives off pizza or anything pizza is made of. I’ve found him eating candle wicks more times than I’d like to admit, which is odd because he always makes the same disgusted face when he puts it in his mouth, he’s yet to learn his lesson. Harlow used to love being held, but he has newfound independence and now wants to walk. by himself. everywhere. He’s so feisty, throws the most dramatic tantrums, and can cry on cue. He’s also so stubborn, and will not let up until he gets some version of his way. Also a really tough baby, and has busted his lip three times now from either jumping off of furniture or wresting with his big brother. He calls everyone “Daaaa,” except Miles and Luca, they are Dada and Lala, respectively. Har, unlike Luca, is on the average spectrum for height and weight, although he looks so tiny to us as we are only used to having a baby who is large and in charge. He makes really funny facial expressions, and is babbling so much these days. He says ‘yes,’ ‘please,’ ‘owie,’ ‘hi,’ and shakes his head for ‘no.” The rest is hard to decode, but if he senses we aren’t quite understanding, he’ll just point or show us what we’re missing. Loves Thomas the Train and alll the train figurines and tracks. He mimics everything Luca does, has long black eyelashes, and the gap between his two front teeth has officially closed, which I’m actually really bummed about!, gives lip kisses and hugs, and is the best thing to happen to Luca, Miles, and myself.




    Okay, so I skipped September, but I really loved doing the ledger in August so I’m back at it again! It was especially fun to look back on it mid month and see all that I actually did + accomplished from the list I compiled!  Here’s October for ya!

    October 1 Pull out and put up your Halloween decor! I’ll be doing a mini fall home tour soon!

    October 2 Start lighting all the fall candles! This year, these are my favorites: this one, this one, and this one. P.S. The Capri Blue candle will definitely burn the longest and give you the most scent/sq. footage, but if you are on a budget, I’ve been burning the Target one and have been really impressed! I linked the Diptyque one, and yes it is a splurge, but I have found these to be the best quality candles of all time–they may be little, but they pack a big punch, kinda like myself, ha!

    October 3  Hang a halloween felt garland. We bought ours from this Etsy shop.

    October 4  Celebrate world taco day! Have you tried my vegan avocado tacos yet?!

    October 5 Start to stalk up on dry skin remedies like chapstick, hand cream, and the holy grail of dry skin remedies, this stuff <– it may say hand cream, but you can use it everywhere.

    October 6 Get in the kitchen and get baking! I’m looking to try this recipe, as well as this one. If you can’t find the time or don’t care for the mess, you can buy these pre-made Halloween gingerbread houses!

    October 7 Read some Halloween books with the babies, I have a post of our favorites coming to you soon!

    October 8 Attend a Concert! We are going to see Coldplay downtown this month, and I cannot wait. I’ve been wanting to see them ever since I can remember! Every time I attend a concert I always think, I’m definitely going to make an effort to attend more concerts, but then life happens, so I’m really excited to have actually planned this one out so far in advance! I think I bought the tickets in May?

    October 9 This may seem so 7th grade, but I actually really like American Eagle lately! I think they are making a comeback?! If nothing else, definitely get yourself a few pairs of lounge socks from there, they have the very best. I’m going to get festive with these orange ones.

    October 10 Give in and finally get myself these slippers, and these boots. Read more