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January 10, 2018


    I remember January 1st of last year thinking it would be a big year of “change.” It was an instinctual feeling I can’t really explain, but I just knew change was a comin.’ I didn’t know what type of change, thinking it would be a circumstantial change, career-wise and financially speaking. However, I never realized it would none of those things, but rather be a year of internal change, metaphorically speaking. 2017 was a huge year of learning, and owning up to previous mistakes. It was a year of self-care and relationship-care. 2017 brought its fair share of joys, but proved itself extremely difficult in my marriage as I shared a few weeks back. With Miles and I choosing each other all over again, 2018 feels pretty promising already. I look forward to sharing more about us in the coming year. P.S. Your kind responses and supportive words meant everything to me! Here’s a mini recap of last year:

    January: Finally got around to making this video of our trip to Italy and France. Continued working at getting back into my old pre-pregnancy jeans, and started taking better care of myself. Remodeled the blog to the way it looks now! And spent a lot of time outdoors as our apartment was sooo tiny!

    February: Miles and I celebrated sharing 4 years of marriage together. Luca started playing soccer! Put up my first make up you tube video. Harlow was officially on earth for as long as he was inside of me. Also contemplated another baby as well as what only having two meant for us.

    March: Decided we wouldn’t renew our lease in May. Started looking for places to move to…again.

    April: Found a home! Moved from Cardiff by the Sea to Carlsbad.

    May: Started working outside my home again, waitressing at the breakfast cafe I work at now. Harlow turned 1 whole year old! We threw him a puppy party! Finally felt back to “myself” again, since having Harlow.

    June: I turned 27 whole years old! Finally settled in our new home. Unexpectedly fell in love with Carlsbad.

    July: Celebrated Luca turning 4! He had a Dino birthday with a bounce house at the park!

    August: Luca started school! It was his first day of preschool, and it felt completely unreal to us.

    September: Continued nursing Harlow, despite what I thought nursing would be like.

    October: Saw Coldplay in concert just a week after the shooting in Las Vegas. Dressed up as a family for Halloween! We were Star Wars and it was SO much fun. See us here!

    November: Miles turned 31. I got to work with Folger’s coffee in a partnership! It was crazy! I never thought this place would ever become anything but an online journal, so everything beyond that is just bananas in the cereal!

    December: Wrapped up the year, wrapped all the presents, and had a wonderful holiday with all those I love.

    Last year, I focused on simplifying my life. Overall, I feel like I definitely simplified a lot of what I tend to get enthralled in. It was a huge practice, and I cut back on so much excess I thought I “needed,” but, in reality, didn’t. This year my word is “wellness.” I feel like there is so much internal wellness for me to focus on, both mind and body. I want to monitor more of what I put in and on my body as well as focus a bit more on the thoughts I let flood my mind. Sometimes I’m so concentrated on the external of everything that happens around me, my circumstances, and things out of my control, that I forget those things I do have control over– Things like self talk, diet, exercise, meditation, and spirituality. My wellness journey is always a work in progress, so being hyper focused on it will definitely help highlight it as a priority in my life. What is your word for 2018? You’re welcome to take mine or come up with your own, but just remember the why behind what word you decide on. The WHY is everything.

    Things you can expect over here in 2018!:

    More personal posts: I found such a relief and support in my marriage post. It definitely encouraged me to post more about things I sometimes think twice about before publishing.

    More video!: I’m hoping to incorporate more video via my instagram stories and youtube channel.

    More travel: I want to make travel a priority this year, and can’t wait to bring my camera and all of you along with me!

    More interaction: I want to spend way more time interacting with you! I promise I will be better about DMs and comments!

    More wellness: It is my word of the year after all. I’ll be sharing way more posts on here about what I’m doing to feel my absolute best.

    & More posts overall: I made it a point to be much more consistent around here last year, and I want to try and keep with it again this year!

    I hope every one of you has a wonderful 2018 and I hope it brings you all you could ever dream of! Here’s to a healthy and happy 2018!