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January 12, 2018


    JAN 1 // Ring in the New Year! Happy 2018!

    JAN 2 // Pick a word for the New Year. Read about mine here.

    JAN 3 // Set budget and savings goals for the new year.

    JAN 4 // Set 5 attainable life goals. Set 3 long term goals. Read this post on goal setting. Or scratch goal setting and set up systems. Watch this video about systems.

    JAN 5 // Clean up and organzine files and photos on your computer. Back up everything!

    JAN 6 // Organize your email inbox. Get your inbox to zero.

    JAN 7 // Clean up and organize apps and photos on your phone.

    JAN 8 // Read one new book. I’m currently reading How to Murder Your Life” by Kat Marnell. So dramatic, so juicy, so good.

    JAN 10 // Get your refrigerator to look like this.

    JAN 11 //  Pick out a new planner. Here are some great planner organization ideas I put together for you!

    JAN 12 // Clean up and stow away Christmas decorations if you haven’t done so yet.

    JAN 13 // Try a new workout class.

    JAN 14 // Cook way more starting now. Meal planning and prepping are great, but just getting started is the key.  It’s far more motivating after you’ve done it once or twice. I’m using these two cookbooks to source new recipes. How Not to Die + Eat Love Real Food. Reevaluate your current diet, and try to implement changes you know are necessary.

    JAN 15 // Celebrate MLK jr. day by doing something Martin Luther King-esque for the people around you.

    JAN 16 // Take care of any gift returns.

    JAN 17 // Prune the trees in your yard if applicable. Get rid of any damaged, crowded, or dead limbs. This starts the preparations for the coming season.

    JAN 18 // Check out your 2018 horoscope here! Mine was creepily relevant.

    JAN 19  // Plan a date night with your special person.

    JAN 20 // Try tracking your steps with a pedometer and see how much walking you are actually doing throughout the day.

    JAN 21 // Begin collecting documents as they come in the mail to prepare for federal and state taxes. Cross your fingers for a good return!

    JAN 22 // Begin preparing for Valentine’s Day, especially if you have children. Sort out dinner plans and/or reservations, book a sitter if necessary, and purchase valentine’s for your children’s classroom celebrations. You can never prep for these things too early because just like Christmas, they sneak up too damn fast!

    JAN 23 // Restock any cold and flu supplies you may have used up over the holidays or prior. Trust me on this one. I can’t tell you how many times Harlow or Lu broke out in a fever and baby Tylenol was nowhere to be found. You don’t want to trek to the store amidst the chaos, so stay prepared! That was a tough lesson I had to learn a few times last year. Eek.

    JAN 24 // Schedule your yearly physical, as well as any other appointments you can make in advance. Whip out that brand new planner!

    JAN 25 // Update your resume or media kit (if applicable).

    JAN 26 // Begin brainstorming or planning any family vacations or trips you’ll be taking this coming year.

    JAN 27 // Start monitoring your water intake. I can almost guarantee you drink way less than you think.

    JAN 28 // Create a 2018 vision board, or refresh your vision board if you already have one.

    JAN 29 // Take an e-course on something that interests you!

    JAN 30 // Evaluate the top three problems or issues you are having in your life right now and begin making moves in order to resolve or improve their current state.

    JAN 31 // Pull out your V-day decor, and maybe even chocolate dip some strawberries! Prepare for the month of love!