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    Location: Lido Isle, Newport Beach

    A puppy party was thrown for our puppy babe. We have said since he was born, if Harlow has lived other lives he was definitely a dog at some point! Don’t take it the wrong way, I say this very lovingly! It’s just so adorable to watch him. I’ll hold snacks out in my hand for him to come grab, and instead he’ll just go right in with this mouth until my hand is licked clean, he’s very territorial, and loves laying on his back being smothered with love & belly rubs. I don’t really know how to explain it, other than you’d have to see it to believe me! Anyhow, we decided on a puppy theme, and after having a ginormous party for Luca’s first birthday, I learned to adhere to what feels good and right for our family, and big parties just aren’t that. We’re all about the intimate vibes and small gatherings–so much less stress, and so fewer details to worry about. Read more




    ^^^A little Easter Sunday flashback to Luca last year! ^^^

    If you know me at all, you know I love all the Holidays. Seriously, if it were socially acceptable to celebrate flag day, I most likely would. I suppose this love of holidays stems from growing up with a mom who celebrated all the holidays. She would make each one special in their own way. There was a magic she created around each one, and honestly, I probably believed in the Easter bunny, Santa, and Leprechauns much longer than most kids, and I just want to create that same magic as long as possible for my own little ones.

    Egg-stravagance, isn’t necessary (see what I did there?!) But really, there doesn’t need to be huge amounts of money spent, and stress on your part in putting it all together. It literally comes down to the smallest gestures–Making your little feel special in a way that is unique to them. Thoughtful, is what it comes down to…The jelly bean trail from their bedroom to their basket, a personalized letter from the bunny himself, the littlest things in their basket they love the most–the most minimalistic gestures make the most maximal impact, this I can promise.

    Here are a few of my favorite current finds for your little bunnies’ baskets! Read more



    Location: SPOTIFY

    I put together a quick dinner playlist for us to have on for Valentine’s Day, and I thought I would share! We have our wedding song, a few of our favorites we play all year, and a few to just set the mood! We’ll keep things low key, just the way we tend to like them. I’ll whip up our favorite baked ziti for dinner paired with a salad and something sparkling. Valentine’s crept up so quick, I’m just now putting together all of Luca’s Valentine’s day grams and coming up with a craft to do with his class on Tuesday. Most importantly, we’ll have love to share with each other, and that is the best thing we can do and give on Tuesday and everyday.


    4 YEARS.

    Location: LITTLE ITALY

    We celebrated 4 years of being married today! We actually “officially” celebrated a few days ago because of Miles’ work schedule, and we went out to dinner at a restaurant I had been wanting to try for some time. The restaurant was Herb & Wood in Little Italy and it was SO good. We had a beet salad and whipped eggplant hummus with pita bread to start, and then for dinner I tried their homemade pasta and Miles went all out ordering an escargot & bone marrow pizza! I could barely stand to watch him eat it (it truly was a vegetarian’s worst nightmare!). Miles said his new barometer on life is the “exclusivity factor,” meaning how exclusive something is determines what you’re getting out of life–I’ll stick with homemade pasta, yes, that is exclusive enough for me. Read more




    1:: Made With Love Onesies | 2:: Tiger Sippy | 3:: Bath Bombs | 4:: Snuggle Puppy Book | 5:: Valentine Mailbox | 6:: Sugar Lip Gummies | 7:: Valentine Card Kit | 8:: Heart Stickers | 9:: Mini Play Doh 

    With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought I would put together some quick and easy gift ideas to put together in a little basket for your kiddos. How cute is the wiener dog mailbox?! Now that Luca is older and in a pre-K, he can appreciate all the little things that make each Holiday so fun. Also, the Bath Bombs are a newer brand I came across at Target. Each bath bomb has a little surprise inside, which I know Lu will love! We have the snuggle puppy book, and it has a tune that goes along with the text that Luca and I love to sing while we read along. And everyone knows, you can’t go wrong with play-doh and toddlers! Harlow is still too young to understand, but those onesies are too cute to pass up! Hope this helps get your ideas flowing–What do you do to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your little ones?



    2016 was one for the books. We made so many memories this year, and I can’t wait to do the same in 2017. I’d say the highlight of our last year was bringing our new baby, Harlow Rue Wood, into this world. As second child syndrome tends to take effect, we realized we were 6 months into our new gig and hadn’t a single photo printed or framed of baby H (talk about feeling guilty). It made me feel awful, as I nearly took 50+ photos/day of Luca as a baby, and then, in turn, printed out thousands of those photos. The problem hasn’t been photographing Harls, it’s been printing and framing the photos we do take instead of letting them just sit on our phones, cameras, and desktops. A big goal of ours this month is to print and frame a few photos of Harlow and even out the playing field on our gallery wall.

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