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    Luca and Harlow are exactly 2 years and 9 months apart. This was somewhat intentional because I really wanted them to be close enough in age to be able to foster a close knit relationship, but yet far enough apart to give us space to really get to spend time with Luca during those first two years, and then of course have that same time to give to Harlow, as Luca has now become really independent. I say “somewhat intentional” because can we ever really plan out life? We plan, and God laughs…you know the saying.

    Anyway, when I became pregnant with Harlow, I really had no preference as to what the gender of the baby would be. Deep down, I think I really did want another boy so that Luca would have a brother. I grew up with a sister and it has been one of my life’s biggest blessings. To this day, we are still best friends–We’ve been through so much together, and we have been able to experience different life stages together, and that’s exactly what I wanted for Luca and his sibling. And if I’m being honest, I also really wanted to be able to buy them coordinating outfits!

    I’ve never been a huge fan of getting too matchy-matchy, which is why I said coordinating. I like to have some matching pieces with complimenting pieces. For example, one day I might put green shorts on Harlow and a green shirt on Lu, a black shirt on Har, and black shorts on Lu…or like in these photos, I’ll do matching shirts and shoes, and coordinating neutral shorts, or something of the like…

    We recently found this brand, Sydney Jordyn through, and the best part is they make matching toddler annnd baby shoes, so I’m able to find matching shoes that come in both Luca and Harlow’s sizes. I’m obsessed with how cute these little pewter high tops are! And even though they have laces (the most dreaded shoe things for moms everywhere) they’re just for show and the shoes actually have a hidden zipper so you can slip them on easily.

    When we shop for shoes for both boys, the most important thing above style, is the fit and the sole. We want to make sure, the boys have comfortable and good fitting shoes as their feet are at a constant state of growth. Harlow started walking almost 5 months ago, and we knew how important soft shoe support was in keeping him stable. The soles are soft enough for Harlow as a “newer” walker, so they still give his round baby feet a good roll when he steps.

    Isn’t there something so adorable about little feet in shoes!? It’s always made me so happy when babies who can’t even walk yet are wearing sneakers or sandals!

    What are some of your go to shoes for babies and toddlers? I’m always on the hunt for cute, good quality shoes that won’t cost me an arm and a leg!

    (Herrin-T sneakers c/o all words and opinions are my own.)



    Location: in the heat of summer

    If I could use two words to describe this summer, I’d say coffee + wine. I am such a minimal drinker–as in one glass of red when out to dinner, mayyyybe…I drink coffee on the daily, but summer has me downing two cups–one for each kiddo, just kidding, but not really…I’m exhausted! Harlow sleeps from 8:30 at night to about 4:00 a.m. and then he’s up pretty much every half hour from there on. It’s been a struggle. I used the Ferber sleep training method to get him to sleep in his crib, and it has surprisingly worked really well, but if you could solve the 4 a.m. thing for me, that would be the absolute best!

    Anyway, all these 4 a.m. wake up calls and a full schedule has had me drinking way more wine than usual, but I’m not complaining. I’m actually thinking of it like a vacation, since I can’t  go on a real one right now. Anyhow, I thought it would be fun to come up with a ledger of all the things I’m thinking of doing in August, one thing for each day.

    Well, here goes a whole lotta nothin’…

    AUG 01   Sign up for a wine club. I love the branding of Winc, but the concept of Dry Farm Wines. Have you tried either of the two?

    AUG 02   Find a good dress to get me through to October. I really love the chambray options of this one shoulder dressthis belle sleeved dress.

    AUG 03   Have yourself a spoonful of organic peanut butter or almond butter in lieu of dessert.

    AUG 04    Schedule our yearly physicals, eye exams, and bi-annual dental exams before school starts back up again. Read more



    So you may be thinking…wait, I thought you didn’t have cable? If you remember this post here I talk all about how we nixed our cable when we moved to San Diego. No new news here, we still don’t have cable. And, I will say, the longer we go on without it, the less I long to ever have it again. If I could subscribe to Viceland, separate from having cable, I’d be set as that is the only channel I really even miss. I suppose it’s the whole “out of sight, out of mind” concept. I won’t go into too much detail on how I am able to watch the shows I talk about below, but you can snatch up all the information in the blog post I linked above! Read more



    Location: Toddlerville

    best apps for kids


    Over the past few months, we’ve gone back and forth on allowing more technology into Luca’s life, and cutting back on screen time. Its hard to navigate this territory as there hasn’t been any precedence to this situation, and likewise, the foregoing continues to advance quickly therefore, studies on the subject become outdated faster than they can be published. Even Miles and I are on a hamster wheel trying to keep up, especially since both of us are heavily within the realm of social media. Read more



    “Ho Ho Ho” and a bottle of Tums.  This is MY holiday theme song.  All I really want for Christmas is Pizza (capitalization is required as Pizza should be recognized as a sovereign nation). BUT with Chelsie as the Holiday Boss, I must tell her other things I want “other than just PIZZA…”  Here are a few items that will deter my cravings for the day. Read more



    Every year, I get most excited about making this gift guide, “for her,” because, in a way, it’s like making my own personal wishlist or giving you a peek into a few of my favorite things. It’s obviously the easiest to compile, and this year I put together items ranging from 7.00-129.00, so there’s something for every budget! I love the idea of picking two or three items that compliment one another to put together–the cookbooks, herb stripper, and tumblers…the phone case and phone printer, maybe some extra film…you get the gist.

    1. Tea | Thé  I’ve sampled all types of teas, and I usually love a good cup of tea before bedtime, especially in the winter months, but this is by far my favorite one. Let me tell you why…First off, you don’t need sweetener! If you’re like me, the last thing you need before bed is sugar, so the fact that this tea is naturally sweet because of the licorice it contains makes this a huge plus. It tastes pretty mellow until you swallow your sip and then you get the most amazing sweet taste. It’s caffeine free too–I’m highly sensitive to caffeine and so I only stick to herbal teas at bedtime. They sell it loose leaf and in tea sachets but it’s much more worth your money to purchase the loose leaf version and invest in an infuser like this one or if you love tea as much as me, I’d recommend this gadget–it’s only $20 and it’s worth every cent–it’s how I brew my tea every time. I’ve had mine going on 3 years now and it’s still going strong. And what a perfect gift, right? You could grab a bottle of the Aveda Tea and bundle it with a tea infuser or brewer, put them in a pretty box filled with crinkle cut craft paper, tie a red ribbon around the box, and voila!
    2. Floral Phone Case I’m looking for a new phone case, and I’m super bummed I can’t invest in the extra battery pack apple case (they don’t make it for the plus). I came across this floral one though, and I’m loving the minimalistic design of it–simple, yet makes a statement.
    3. Love & Lemons Cookbook I’m a huge sucker for a good vegetarian cookbook. My collection is slowly expanding. The two I have my eye on next are The Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking Book & Love & Lemons. I’ll have to do a post on all my favorite vegetarian/vegan cookbooks, there are just so many I love!
    4. Holiday Candle We’ve been burning this non stop in our house, and it smells so good. It’s smells like sweet pine. Target came out with these candles this year, and the design on the glass was too cute to pass up, so it was just lucky that it smelt so good! I like to burn holiday scents well into January, so I’ll probably grab another one of these soon before they run out!
    5. HP Sprocket Being a mom, I’m always wanting to print out pictures of my boys. I stumbled across this device and couldn’t help but think it would be a great gift. It seems really cool and isn’t necessarily something you’d buy for yourself. It’d be a great gift for anyone into photographs or even scrapbooking. The film it takes comes with an adhesive backing so you can stick it to whatever.
    6. Herb Stripper This is a perfect compliment to go with one of the cookbooks. It’s such a pain in the ass to de-stem Kale, or strip herbs (I always do it by hand, ugh) and so this will be a huge help in the kitchen, and it will inspire me to cook more with those stubborn herbs I usually pass on because I don’t feel like dealing. Hashtag lazy?? lol
    7. 23andMe Ancestral Kit I’m sure most of you have a grip on your ancestry, but I have so many questions about mine. My mother’s biological father has always been out of the picture–I know nothing about him. My dad’s side of the family always describes themselves as Scandanavian–but that encompasses such a wide range of countries. I’m so curious of my ethnicity and have been all these years, so this was at the top of my list. You can purchase the kit with a health and genetics component as well, but I just went for the ancestral kit. I can always add the genetics portion later. I cannot wait to find out all the answers I’ve been wanting for so long and to finally be able to tell people what I am when they ask. I have a lot of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern looking features, so no one can ever quite put their finger on what I am, which is why I get asked so frequently. My sister is just lucking out that this is what I want because since we share the same gene pool she’ll get the answers too!
    8. Textured Glass Tumblers These tumblers in green are so pretty. You’d have to see the color in person to truly appreciate them. And I know it’s a tumbler, but I’d use it for wine, iced coffee, whatever! Mugs and cups are my weak spot.

    Let me know if you’ve found these guides helpful! You can see the guide for babies here, and the guide for toddlers here. You can also search “gift guides,” in my search bar to the right, to find ones from previous years! Tomorrow I’ll post the final gift guide, for him, and I’m so excited because I had Miles pick all of the items and write the post, so you’ll get his personal narration on the gifts he curated and have a male perspective on here, for once! Ha! I’ll catch up with you tomorrow! Happy shopping! Only 19 more sleeps until Christmas! Cheers!