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    Receipt envelope// I am borderline obsessed with these. I have a good stack of them going, but I’m not kidding, they come in handy in so many circumstances! I use one in my glovebox to keep my registration and proof of insurance (as well as a checklist of what to do when you get in an accident), I keep one in my purse to keep all of my important receipts, and I have another I use just for coupons which I keep clipped on my car’s sun visor. The options are endless, but I would definitely keep one in your planner for any important papers. I like the clear one so I can see what contents it’s holding, but there are a bunch of colors to choose from. Also, did I mention they cost just over a buck?! Don’t let the price fool you, they hold up super well, assuming you don’t overstuff them (I’ve had mine for years).

    Pencil pouch// I love these pencil/pen pouches because they are wipeable if any ink spills, and they can hold so much. They are also super fantastic for make up or as wet bags. Super durable, affordable, and come in three different sizes.

    Planner page markers// The planner I chose didn’t come with any tabs to mark my spot, so I picked these Magnolia ones up from Target, and they’ve been put to good use–plus they match the gold etched on the planner’s cover.

    Sticky notes// I don’t feel like these need an explanation. These are a must when it comes to planning, also great to use on your wall calendar for events that may get moved around.

    2018 Planner// I found this planner at Target, and I couldn’t find the hard bound one I have, but this is the exact replica of it, just spiral bound. I paid around $10 for it, and so far it’s been perfect. I like the simple look of the cover as well.

    Adhesive pen loop// I also added this to my planner to keep a pen attached to it for when I’m on the go.

    Mechanical no. 2 pencil// I have three pens/pencils I use. I love the no.2 mechanical pencils like this one. Paper Mate makes some pretty colored ones as well.

    Sharpie marker pen// I love marker pens, especially for when I’m writing in fancy font. This pen is great because the sharpie ink lasts forever and it doesn’t bleed through the pages.

    Papermate Profile pen// Favorite pens of all time! That is all.

    Productivity planner// This is such a good resource to use alongside your planner. It helps you to prioritize your goals in a straightforward way while using the pomodoro method.

    Moleskine notebook// I keep this in my purse at all times–for any ideas that may strike, lists that need to be made, for my little ones to doodle in when I need to keep them busy in a pinch, and the list goes on. I’m a fan of the classic red one.

    Planner stickers// Just to add a little fun and color to your planner while still keeping everything super organized. I also love this option, and this option as well.

    Business card holder// Always keep your cards on you! You never know who you’re going to run into when you are out and about.

    Wall calendar// Everything at-a-glance. We have a wall calendar hung in our home’s “command center,” where we keep our vision boards and our family calendar. Everything everyone has going on goes on the calendar. No exceptions. This way there are no surprises, everything is in plain site, and everyone stays on schedule. We even write down when Luca has school or Miles or I work, even though they are  recurring events, but putting everything down, keeps everyone on the same page. It’s been super helpful for our family. I will note that I still put reminders in my phone for important things like doctors appointments and one-off events just to keep my head in the game.

    As you’ve read previously, my word of the year is “wellness,” and part of personal wellness for me is cleansing my paperwork, my workspace, and keeping up a neat & punctual schedule. These are some of my favorites to keep a productive flow, and I hope they’ll help you find yours as well! What is your favorite agenda or planner? I always feel so torn when I’m on the hunt for one. I’ve spent a lot of money on planners in the past only to use maybe 20% of it. So simple (and inexpensive!) it is! Cheers to all the fun things I’m planning for this year, I can’t wait to share them with all of you!



    Location: on our bookshelf

    I haven’t done a “what we’re reading” post in some time now, so I figured I would round up a few of the books we are loving right now. It’s so fun, at this age, that Luca can listen, understand, and appreciate books. I hope his love for books sticks. I know for me, books always took me anywhere in this world I wanted to go, and to this day, there is simply nothing more comforting to me than reading or being read to. Halloween comes with it’s share of fun, but there are some really cute books out there we’ve been keeping on rotate during this season. We hope you like them as much as we do!

    There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat // Based off the song “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly,” and just a really cute read-along-sing-along.

    Room on the Broom // I know most of you have probably already become big fans of “Room on the Broom,” like us, but just in case you are unfamiliar, this is a must have. It rhymes and the story line is perfection. They also have the film rendition of it on Netflix. Both have been on repeat over here.

    How to Make friends with a Ghost // Ordered this off Amazon on the fly to add to our Halloween collection, and I think it’s my personal favorite from the list. I love the illustrations, and it reminds me so much of This Moose Belongs to Me, which is another favorite of ours.

    Triangle // This book looks so cute on a bookshelf, I’ll admit that’s why I bought it, but it turned out the adorable story about a square and triangle who prank each other is well worth its shelf space.

    Dracula // This one is more for Harlow, but Luca likes to count with all the objects in the photos. Jen Adams makes the prettiest picture books and primers from classic stories.

    Popcorn // I found this in a collection at my dad’s house. It was mine when I was younger, and I’m so glad I found it! I had forgotten all about it, but as I read it, it all came back to me, not to mention, I think it goes for $7 or something like that! It’s totally worth sacrificing a latte for.

    The Bad Seed // This is the last book on our list, and I love the lesson behind it, that even those who choose to do bad things, can in turn, choose to become good. It also shows how bad ways, can stem from much deeper places. I always try and teach Luca to see the good in all people, and this is a great introduction to such a wide-spanning and impactful concept.

    Edgar and the Tattle Tale Heart // based off of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Tell Tale Heart, this is such a fun little rendition for little ones, especially those with siblings, *cough* Luca & Harlow *cough,cough*

    There you have it! Our October reading list! Have you read any of these books? Do you have any Halloween books you’d recommend for us?! Always looking to expand our library, so send em’ on our way!



    Location: Preschool

    We woke up bright and early this morning with excitement for Lu’s first day of Preschool. He’s been in small care programs since he was about 2, mainly to stimulate his social development, but this was his very first day of actual school. It wasn’t too emotional for him, since he doesn’t have much attachment anxiety in regards to school. Don’t get me wrong, he cried and cried when we first started him in daycare, but after enduring those first two weeks, it was one of the best decisions we ever made. Now, he looks forward to making new friends and learning from new teachers. Once August hit, Summer had him pretty antsy to start back up again. We all kinda thrive on a routine over here. Read more



    I used to read a book nearly every two weeks (that was B.K. –before kids). Now I’m lucky if I can finish one in a 3 month time frame. It’s just not realistic for me to sit down and have quiet time to flip through a new page turner. Even with the little time I do have to myself at night, reading makes me tired + I’m sure to fall asleep with the book on my chest and drool on my chin.

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    Location: Toddlerville

    best apps for kids


    Over the past few months, we’ve gone back and forth on allowing more technology into Luca’s life, and cutting back on screen time. Its hard to navigate this territory as there hasn’t been any precedence to this situation, and likewise, the foregoing continues to advance quickly therefore, studies on the subject become outdated faster than they can be published. Even Miles and I are on a hamster wheel trying to keep up, especially since both of us are heavily within the realm of social media. Read more



    Location: VULNERABLE BLVD.

    True to form, the New Year is off to a quick start…How we’ve already made our way mid-month blows my mind. Enough small talk though, I feel like I’ve been keeping so much from you, and I want this year, this new season, this new chapter of this place to be different. Lately, it feels like the reason I haven’t felt as connected is in the way I’m partially leading with a front, and holding back so much of what is going on in my world for sake of being embarrassed or exposed, and that makes me nervous. I also know what a blockade that has made between us, and that changes now. My body is literally begging for me to be more vulnerable with you, and I have to admit, that is hard for me. Maybe I should read some Brene Brown? But until I can schedule more time to get on that task, I thought I would start by listing all the things I’ve been afraid to tell you and then some.

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