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    I’m literally typing this post with a protein bar in my hand because I didn’t have time to make lunch today. People always want to know what they can bring you when they come to visit you and you’re brand new baby & food is seriously the best suggestion I can think of. Our lives were saved those first few days because of some friendly take-out or homemade meals, but the most unique gift we were sent was by a friend of mine who lives out of state. She wanted to be here to make a meal for us, but since Connecticut was a bit too far to commute, she sent us a meal service. I had never heard of Purple Carrot before, but I was so impressed with their dinners, I had to post about it. My friend knew we were vegetarian, so she figured something vegan would be safe. She was spot on and it was right up my alley. How it works is Purple Carrot sends all the ingredients pre-measured with instructions right to your doorstep. All you have to do is quick-prep and cook. I know it sounds different than a traditional meal delivery service as in you still have to cook but all the thinking is done for you, which is probably the most exhausting part of cooking–planning, shopping, making a list, checking it twice, etc. If you are too exhausted to cook, don’t worry, even your husband can do it. I’m fortunate Miles happens to be a good cook, but I know a lot of my girlfriends wouldn’t let their husbands near the stove with a ten-foot pole, so if that is your scenario, fear not. Plus, I’m a firm believer that memories are made in the kitchen. I would probably let Luca make it if it didn’t involve a prep knife and heat. Anyway, it was all super simple and we had three nights of dinners. We were sent the two person meal, but we had enough for all three of us, one night even four. Anyway, I would send Purple Carrot to anyone, vegan or not. It was delicious and we didn’t miss out on the dairy one bit.

    The first night we had a chopped salad with “buffalo cutlets” on top & finished with some homemade vegan ranch. We had some garlic naan bread on the side which really pulled the whole meal together. This was probably my favorite meal of the three.



    Night two was Sicilian vegetable and rice gratin which was Luca’s favorite. I loved the flavors of the dish and if you add enough black pepper it’s just the perfect amount of spicy.

    SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESNight three was “not your mother’s” meatloaf with roasted zucchini and a side of oregano spiced potatoes. It was comforting and so flavorful. This was the night we had my step-sister over to watch the Bachelorette premiere (let’s hear it for “bachelor nation” ha! We are JoJo fans over here!) and we were able to feed four. If you distribute the portions just right or have smaller children, you can make it work! All in all, we were so grateful to have a homemade meal, I’m sure anything would have tasted good, but I was trying to decide if this was something I would have paid for had we not been gifted it, and the conclusion I came to was yes which is why I decided to share. I know a lot of you are busy like us, and this is a great alternative to giving into your schedule and ordering in. It was healthy and if I were in a pinch a week, I would definitely order the service again. We’re trying to eliminate dairy completely from our diet, and I’d say this was the perfect “push” towards healthier habits. I’m always trying my best. Are any of you vegan? Do you have any blogs or recipes I must know about?! Share them in the comments below!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

    p.s. this post was not in conjunction with Purple Carrot. I just really liked the service and thought I would share.



    ^^pregnancy cravings. my copycat avocado toast done up just like cafe gitane.^^

    LAP LOOM, WEAVING, FRUIT OF THE LOOM^^learning to weave on my lap loom. i finally finished this little wall tapestry after many hours of total commitment.^^

    SKATEBOARDING, LITTLE SHREDDER^^our little shredder in the making. we took lu to the skatepark to get him comfortable on his board and to watch his little eyes grow and grow watching all the other skaters do their thing. mostly lu and i were just gaga over watching miles and his flawless 360 kick flips.^^

    PICKING PAINT COLORS^^picking paint colors for the boys’ shared nursery! i know they all look the same, but i swear they are each different in their own way. we’re now down to two colors, and it’s almost time to paint. the baby business is becoming real around these parts!^^

    TRIPS TO IKEA^^and who could discredit a lovely little trip to ikea where we people watched, came up on some hot deals (although probably overspent), and for once avoided the swedish fish (which are by the way not so swedish & made in the USA–the trickery of that place…)^^



    ok, so let’s cut to the chase. segments aren’t really my thing. we’ve established this by the numerous segments i’ve started and then…well…yeah. i’ve decided to bring things to a more gray space, so to speak. i’ve created a space not constricted by fridays or tuesdays, or (you fill in the blank). i’m starting a new segment that can come and go as it pleases, but probably like a diet, once the restrictions  are lifted, so is the notion of not wanting to do it. i’m not sure any of that made sense, but what i’m really getting at is ate. prayed. loved., a new portion of the blog that will feature good food, good intentions, and overall goodness. i couldn’t think of a clever enough title on my own, so i took a lending hand from elizabeth gilbert. do what you do best, and hire out the rest, right?! Read more



    hello friends! it’s been some time, but last week was filled with a plethora of non ideal events and i was totally consumed by what was happening. i’ll get into a little bit of that next time, but i don’t entirely feel like reliving it, so i hope you’ll understand my brevity. also, i apologize for the quality of the photos, the lighting, although romantic, was not ideal for the iPhone and i had forgotten my good camera at home (bad blogger! i know). anyhow, miles and i went on a long overdue date with a few friends of ours, jake and abby. we decided to try a restaurant in west hollywood i had heard about on the local news called gracias madre. if we’re being honest here, i really wanted to go because i heard they had adult snow cones. i don’t even drink, but i made an exception for this occasion because, well, i love snow cones. if you are ever in the L.A. area, you must try “the quinceañera” at gracias madre. my theory on why it’s called “the quinceañera” is because you it makes you giggle like a fifteen year old and it calls for a celebration. even if you aren’t celebrating, a few of these and you’ll be celebrating something. a boozy snow cone, i mean, come on! it just doesn’t get better than that, especially when you’ve had the week i’ve had. i had only about one and a half (so a quinceñera and a quince), but that was about all i needed to drift away, just ask my husband, i was floating on cloud nine for the rest of the night. alcohol isn’t really my thing–i don’t judge anyone who likes to drink, it’s just something i’ve let go over the years. while, for me, alcohol is a habit of the past, sometimes you have to let loose a little, especially with all the chaos and calamity in this crazy life, and if there is ever an excuse to let loose, let a boozy snow cone be your cause. plain and simple. 

    anyway, to wrap up this extremely long post about a snow cone, dinner and the food was amazing (it’s vegan mexican food) so you know my veggie-self loved every bite. miles (who didn’t order the waitresses suggestion like i did), said he liked our other vegan hang out (seabird’s in orange county) better, but i’d say they are two different restaurants, but equally delicious. maybe the snow cones helped?! miles and i have both been running around like chickens with our heads cut off, and when there is stress like that in your life,  it tends to spill into your relationship. the best analogy i can think of is marriage being like a garden. you have to water your plants or they will slowly start to shrivel up– overwater them, and they will drown. there has to be a happy medium, with lots of sunlight and, of course, lots and lots of love. marriage, like a garden, requires a lot of attention as well as continuous work. you have to manicure your hedges and pull out all the weeds. the work you put in, determines what you will get out of it.

    miles read an article the other day which explained why so many marriages fail. and to my surprise, it was because each party becomes self-consumed and no longer yearns to learn  about and become involved in the interests of the other. it’s true what they say, “the family that ________ together stays together” (insert interest in blank). when one person feels as though they aren’t being heard or tended to, they begin to feel insignificant. their interests feel boring and that seems to be when people begin to grow apart or look for what they’re lacking elsewhere. this was so eye opening for me. when i sat and really reflected on what interests of miles i’ve really taken part in lately, my list was looking grim & that made me sad. miles likes to birdwatch (oh yes, you read that right. he likes to birdwatch. he bird watches like that old man at the park staring out into the abyss–the one you think is a total lurker/weirdo–yeah, that’s my husband). anyway, he gets all into buying special feed to reel in some exotic species & gets a total kick out of watching them eat. he’s the peeping tom of birds. he once named a couple of the regulars neiman & markus. i’ll walk into the kitchen and catch him staring through a crack in the blinds, not blinking, with a huge grin draped across his face. then, i’ll go in for a peep and the sucker flies off, and i’m left with my husband totally annoyed at my lack of disguise. to be honest with you, i couldn’t care less about birds and the watching of them, but my husband loves birds and the entirety of the bird watching experience, and so i’m taking an oath in which i will do my absolute best to be a little more engaged (with the watching & the birds & being more incognito) and i’ll be more mindful in showing some interest in his interests.

    i love that miles longs to learn, and i love that he shares these things with me–that he cares enough to read articles about how relationships thrive, and i love that i chose to make this intelligent man my husband. anyway, since miles’ reading & my reflection of the article, i’ve felt like both of us are really taking it upon ourselves to really try and engage in each others enjoyments. it feels good to feel heard, and even better to feel like something you love is being appreciated by someone you admire. whatever it is that’s been happening, it’s been working. and i think marriage is that way. I think it is a constant ebb and flow of ups and downs. and in this great companionship, you’ll find yourself falling in love over and over and over again, for different reasons, at different times…and in this season of our lives, i’m falling in love all over again. this candid photo of us, reminds me of that. this is what survival looks like, what hard work and an abundance of love look like. and i like it.