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    I have dreamt of having outdoor string lights in every home I’ve lived in but either was lacking the space or means to make it happen, until now! I had such a difficult time trying to sort out how to make this work, so I thought I would share with you a tutorial in case you happen to be stuck in the same boat. There are so many creative ways you could go about doing this–it really depends on the layout of your space, but I definitely found this particular way to be the most sensible for our space, and I know it will work for a vast majority of spaces, not to mention, it was really easy to do! Follow along below for step by step directions! Read more



    watering, growing, garden, diy garden, garden boxes, grow your own food

    This post is not about the baby, but I figured most people reading are reading to find out if our little boy has made his appearance yet, so I just wanted to get it out there that he hasn’t come yet, and he probably won’t be coming for at least another week. There, now you can focus!

    So I haven’t really been doing much of anything lately because my feet are SO swollen and pretty much everything takes all energy out of me, including walking to and from the kitchen for snacks…I mean, even putting clothes on is a hassle, but we’re hanging in there. I’ve been doing my very best to keep Lu busy, but I feel super guilty for not being able to get him out & run him around (he has so much energy to be expressed). I’ve made do in the mean while with sword fighting him from my rocking chair, having him run to and from the sofa (counting how long it takes him to get there and back), and my favorite, living room dance parties to the jungle book soundtrack. He goes to daycare three days a week as well which has been really great in letting him disperse all his energy around other two year olds who are just as energetic. Soon enough this bod will be back in action, but we do what we can with what we have while we wait.

    watering, growing, garden, diy garden, garden boxes, grow your own food

    Miles and lu have been working on the garden. It’s perfect planting season and we’re planning to expand our harvest this year. We’ve come up with an inexpensive way to make two more large planting boxes, and once we build those all we’ll really need to do is invest in some good soil, and of course maintain. We are always trying to be more self sustainable, and growing our own food is one way we try to do this, plus it’s really important for us to show our children a good model of taking care of our earth & ourselves. It’s an added bonus that gardening is a form of art.

    watering, growing, garden, diy garden, garden boxes, grow your own foodIn other non-news, I’ve been listening to a bunch of podcasts (my favorites are The Lively Show and my friend Jessie’s podcast with her husband, “Marriage is Funny), I’ve been reading a few chapters of a breastfeeding book, and reading articles on hypnobirthing. I’m as ready as I can be at this point, and it’s really just up to my stamina to see if this goes down as we would like it to. We know from having Luca that nothing goes verbatim to plan, but in a general sense I hope our “plan” sticks. Sorry if this post was a total bore, but that’s life lately for ya! Hope to have some exciting news for you soon! until then…



    Yesterday evening we spotted the first green sprouts of the grass we planted! Miles felt so accomplished, and I reveled in joy with him. This encouraged me to start my spring cleaning. I’ve been reorganizing our little space, making room for the baby. Is it too soon to be nesting? I’m at the stage in my pregnancy where day by day it is becoming more and more real that this is actually happening. Sometimes I feel like time has flown by, while in other instances I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t pregnant. In reality, time is really flying though, and in no time at all life as we know it will be completely changed.

    One of my favorite authors, Kurt Vonnegut, once offered advice saying: “And I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, ‘If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.” He observed that humans seldom notice when they are happy. Well it is about time I offer my own happiness some brainspace; I can honestly say I can’t think of a time I’ve been happier, or a time I’ve been more proud to be alive. Whether it is budding grass or Miles and I in our life path, things wont stop growing around here, and I couldn’t be more gratified. And I keep thinking, “If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.”

    Sending endless wishes of happiness your way…