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How is it September, how are we approaching fall?! I have never had a year fly by so quickly as 2017 has. We had our big “heatwave” of the summer these last two weeks. I know, we live in San Diego, but guys, it does have one or two weeks in the year where the weather is miserable, I promise! The real issue isn’t so much the heat, it’s more so the lack of A.C. Many of the homes out here only have heat, simply because you really don’t need air conditioning about 95% of the year, but then that 5% happens and mixed with the humidity, you’ll find yourself putting your face in the freezer or making trips to places that do!

I’m so excited about fall, that I ordered a PSL today (pumpkin spice latte for all you non-basics haha) but can all the stores collectively tone down the Halloween decorations? It’s giving me anxiety. I was at Michaels, and saw a wall of Christmas decor. Yikes! It seems to come out sooner and sooner every year. It makes everything feel so rushed! I want to enjoy the simplicity of Autumn, then Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, etc., but I want to enjoy them presently and as the unique individuals they are, ha!

So life lately! Ahh soo much has been going on! Luca is loving preschool. I love it too. It gives me a few hours in the morning where I can get some good work done. The new routine has also helped to set the tone for our day. His school is so close to where we live, I keep swearing to myself we are going to walk to school, but I haven’t yet…We only have a single stroller so I worry about Luca’s little legs getting tired! Excuses, I know…I need to find a small stroller that has the seat/skateboard attachment. Know of any compact strollers that allow for this?

I am hormonally all over the place. My doctor recently switched my birth control to help naturally wean Harlow from breastfeeding. It’s supposed to diminish my milk supply, but in return I’ve had so many issues and awful side effects with it, I’ve decided to switch back to the one that was originally working for me. With my milk changing, and having to switch back and forth between two different birth controls all within a two month period, I feel extremely off, and hormonally imbalanced. I definitely need to up my maca powder intake, and watch reruns of the Golden Girls whilst eating chocolate. Any excuse for GG and chocolate.

Harlow is great, thriving, growing, and breaking molars! Ahhhh, the horror, the horror! Poor baby… It’s awful. Lots of Tylenol, cold tethers, chamomile tablets, and of course, lots of hugs and snugs. It’s never easy. The sleepless nights are what fall on us the hardest, but I think we are just about through the thick of it. Anyway, little things that have been getting me through and keeping a smile on my face are collaged below!

An abundance of fall must haves and style ideas for all you fellow autumn lovers like myself!

Fall Berry Stem – I used to go ape shit crazy with decorations, but what I’ve realized for both my sanity, budget, and style, I really prefer just subtle touches of holiday decor staggered here and there throughout our home. One of my favorite ways to bring Autumn into my home and really exude the feeling of fall seeping in slowly is to pick up some pretty faux foliage and pop the stems in a simple vase. I also love the real pumpkin stems Trader Joe’s comes out with every year.

William Sonoma Aprons–Mama’s | Child’s – I was recently watching Keeping up with the Kardashians, and Khloe was wearing a red William’s Sonoma Apron while baking, and you know those girls have money to buy any apron they’d like, so I figured that must be the apron right now. With me being in the kitchen all the time, I decided I would go for a WS apron too. I love the burnt orange color I linked, and how cute is the mini Halloween one for kids? I think I may try and sew one up for Luca! P.S. Does anyone else want those clear jars of perfectly stacked Oreos like the Khloe has in her kitchen’s too? The problem is, I feel like the jar may just take up my entire counter. Our kitchen is something like 36 square feet. Small living probs.

Volupté Tint-In-Oil in Crush Me Orange (#7) – I’ve talked about these lip oils before. They are the besssst. I have really dry lips, naturally, and this is one of the only chapsticks/lipsticks I have found that truly hydrates my lips and also just happens to look really good on. I always feel put together when I dab some on, and I think this orange will be a perfect pop of color for the upcoming fall months.

Philosophy Body Wash in Cinnamon Bun – These body washes double as bubble baths, and are really thick in consistency. Their scents are definitely a fun little luxury in the cooler months. They lather up so nicely, and lock in moisture like a charm.

Large Monthly Planner | Productivity Planner – Okay, so Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper uses this planner, need I say more? I was sold. Also, the productivity planner is a must have when trying to plan out projects and daily tasks. It helps me to prioritize and rate my goals and to-dos for the day, which when you are self employed can be  a difficult, yet essential responsibility. I love both of these so much.

Googly Eye Mug – Just a super cute mug that caught my eye (see what I did there?!). Not too festive, so it can be used all year round, although I think it will be really adorable for the month of October.

Pumpkin Face Cleanser – Love the scent of this, and the antioxidants in it are so good to my skin. It’s really gentle, and good for all skin types. Just a bonus that it’s pumpkin!

Sweater Knit Blanket – These blankets, you guys! I cannot get enough of them–so soft, so pretty, so cozy. I love every color they come in, and we are always fighting over who gets to use it. Also, eyeballing this pillow if it is anything like the blanket I may never leave my sofa!

Furry Slip Ons – I’ve heard these are the bee’s knees! I wanna pick up a pair to use for when I’m taking out the trash, driving Luca to school, or getting the mail. I’m usually not a big fur person, but I think these are subtle enough to keep my fur barometer at a decent level.

White Barn Candle in Flannel –  I walked into bath and body works the other day, and they had this lit throughout the store. It smelt so good. Crisp, clean, but masculine and woodsy.

Camp Socks – I buy a new pair of these every fall/winter, and bonus, they are on sale right now!

Saje Diffuser + Oil Blends (House Warming + After the Rain) – Don’t worry, I’m not gonna get all multi-level marketing on you guys. These links aren’t even affiliate. I am just a big fan of the Saje brand. I’ve been using them for years, even when they were solely based out of Canada. They are now in the U.S. (all the cheers) and don’t make you become a distributor, awkwardly trying  to sell your loved ones on dare I say the next Monavie? Sorry, I’m just really not a fan of pyramid marketing. I know everyone seems to be on the oil train right now, but I do really believe in using them as an aid to all your other rituals and self-care. The two oils I linked above are really good for the coming months. I also really like their blends “aroma fairy,” “tantra,” “energy,” and “inhale.”

I hope September is treating all of you really well, and with this month comes something super exciting I’ve been working on and wanting so desperately to share with you all! Until then, I hope you enjoy all of these stylish fall goodies as much as I have been!

What are some of your favorite fall styles and must haves?

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