^^^A little Easter Sunday flashback to Luca last year! ^^^

If you know me at all, you know I love all the Holidays. Seriously, if it were socially acceptable to celebrate flag day, I most likely would. I suppose this love of holidays stems from growing up with a mom who celebrated all the holidays. She would make each one special in their own way. There was a magic she created around each one, and honestly, I probably believed in the Easter bunny, Santa, and Leprechauns much longer than most kids, and I just want to create that same magic as long as possible for my own little ones.

Egg-stravagance, isn’t necessary (see what I did there?!) But really, there doesn’t need to be huge amounts of money spent, and stress on your part in putting it all together. It literally comes down to the smallest gestures–Making your little feel special in a way that is unique to them. Thoughtful, is what it comes down to…The jelly bean trail from their bedroom to their basket, a personalized letter from the bunny himself, the littlest things in their basket they love the most–the most minimalistic gestures make the most maximal impact, this I can promise.

Here are a few of my favorite current finds for your little bunnies’ baskets!

1 The Tale of Peter Rabbit// 2  Push & Pull Wooden Bunny// 3  Weck Jar of Chocolate Eggs// 4  Wooden Eggs// 5 Wicker Basket// 6  Zip-Front Pajamas// 7 Bubble Bath// 8 Easter Bath Bombs // 9 Carrot Solitaire Game

This year I’ve decided to get the boys two wicker baskets that I can reuse after they open them come easter morn. I have a bad obsession with baskets (that and coffee mugs – _ – don’t judge!) I love that you can use baskets for so many things. It’s our key component to ‘containing’ with kids. I’ll use them for plants, blankets, toys, you name it. There is no such thing as too many baskets.

The boys take baths together, so a bath bomb for each basket is in order. Luca loves games right now, so this carrot solitaire game will be right up his ally, and Harlow is too young to really even care, so I figure a wooden bunny he could zoom around like a car will be perfect for him.

Lu loves chocolate anything, so I figured I could recreate this little weck jar of chocolate eggs, and for Harlow I found the most adorable squeak and squish eggs by infantino (they don’t have them online, but I found them in the easter section at Target!).

I do love a good matching pair of zip front PJs (always zip front, never buttons!!! Every mother’s nightmare…ahhh how do they even still make those things!), and bubble bath that doubles as bubbles you can blow too is genius–what is it with kids and bubbles?! Seriously, though.

Books are always on my radar in gift giving. You know the saying, “Something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read, and something for me,” well as this year’s word for myself has been “simplistic,” I’ve been leaning to this little phrase as guidance for gift giving. Reading was a huge part of my childhood and something I have always looked to when I need an escape, so I try and bring that love for books into my babies’ lives. Adding a book to their collection here and there and, then of course themed books for the holidays make them an easy add. Plus, they are gifts that keep giving, the best kind. This year Luca will find The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter in his basket, and Harlow will find The Peter Rabbit touch and feel board book.

That’s it for the baskets, it’s just a few simple things that will surely be fun for both you and your kiddos. I’m loving the nesting eggs I found HERE for Luca, as he loves anything he can hide his toys in and pretend they are ‘blind bags’ or ‘mashems’. In the eggs the “bunny” hides for Luca (Harlow is too young to really hunt for eggs just yet), I just fill them with little things like chapstick, some quarters for his piggy bank, some candy kisses, a few little figurines, and stickers.

Hope this has given you a little inspo to get into the Spring spirit, although I know so many of my east coast friends are still freezing! Also, you can check out what our easter basket fillers from last year here! What are some of your favorite easter basket fillers or festivities? I’d love to hear, so comment away!

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