The end all, be all. The grand finale. Christmas shopping is officially done in the Wood household, and now begins the tracking of delayed packages, stalking of our mailbox, and getting to the wrapping. This is the last of the guides for this year, and between two toll road tickets and my health insurance lapsing on me out of nowhere, I’m actually really impressed I got these all out, and so quick, I mean, who am I these days??? 

one. | Luca has an older version of this SLEEPING BAG and I had his name embroidered at the top. It’s so comfy and soft, we’ve definitely gotten such a fair share of use out of it, and it’s still going strong. I figured it’s time Harlow got one of his own. We love putting these out during movie night, or when we’re having a lazy day.

two. | tell me I’m not the only one who remembers K’NEX? My sister and I legitimately loved building with these. They are so much fun to play with, I cannot wait to sit down with L and H and relive some of my own childhood playing with these again.

three. | I think it’s important to designate an area or table for children that is their size and allows them creative freedom. This ACTIVITY STATION reminded me of the old school desks with a modern twist. It comes with lots of storage for all their little markers and knick knacks, and can trade off as a chalkboard or drawing pad. Plus, it’s so cute to look at.

LITTLE MISS VANITY I mean, the Chanel bottle perfume replica pretty much makes this cooler than any other play pretend set.

five. | I’m pretty sure Green Toys has made itself onto every gift guide for kids I’ve ever done. I love their stuff. My kids love their stuff. It’s a cool brand, with a badass concept behind their production. Check them out. My boys think trash trucks are so cool, so this RECYCLING TRUCK may have to find it’s way under the tree. Plus, it begs to teach them lesson–Each Green Toy is made of recycled milk jugs, so our babies learn how trash can be recycled and reused. Double cool in my book.

six. | Both my boys love cause and effect toys. They love putting cars down ramps, rolling balls down skateboards or ramps they’ve made, so this MARBLE RUN is sure to be a hit.

seven. | Bowling is basically a game where it’s okay for Harlow to thrash, so this BOWLING SET will be a good way for him to knock things over without getting reprimanded.

eight. | Another really fun classic, the RING TOSS.

nine. | I bought Luca a very, very similar WOODEN CAMERA when he was just under two, and to this day it’s one of my very favorite toys he has. You can see it in action here. 

ten. | I like a classier looking WOODEN SUPERHERO. No offense to spiderman.

eleven. | Why play with a superhero when you can be a Superhero? You can find this SUPERHERO COSTUME  here.

Merry Christmas everyone! What did I miss out on? I was going to put a fingerling monkey up there, but then realized how impossible they are to get your hands on, so I made do without. Also, I’d love to know, what has been your favorite gift guide I put up this year?! Hope the last of your shopping is painless 🙂

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