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I haven’t done a “what we’re reading” post in some time now, so I figured I would round up a few of the books we are loving right now. It’s so fun, at this age, that Luca can listen, understand, and appreciate books. I hope his love for books sticks. I know for me, books always took me anywhere in this world I wanted to go, and to this day, there is simply nothing more comforting to me than reading or being read to. Halloween comes with it’s share of fun, but there are some really cute books out there we’ve been keeping on rotate during this season. We hope you like them as much as we do!

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat // Based off the song “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly,” and just a really cute read-along-sing-along.

Room on the Broom // I know most of you have probably already become big fans of “Room on the Broom,” like us, but just in case you are unfamiliar, this is a must have. It rhymes and the story line is perfection. They also have the film rendition of it on Netflix. Both have been on repeat over here.

How to Make friends with a Ghost // Ordered this off Amazon on the fly to add to our Halloween collection, and I think it’s my personal favorite from the list. I love the illustrations, and it reminds me so much of This Moose Belongs to Me, which is another favorite of ours.

Triangle // This book looks so cute on a bookshelf, I’ll admit that’s why I bought it, but it turned out the adorable story about a square and triangle who prank each other is well worth its shelf space.

Dracula // This one is more for Harlow, but Luca likes to count with all the objects in the photos. Jen Adams makes the prettiest picture books and primers from classic stories.

Popcorn // I found this in a collection at my dad’s house. It was mine when I was younger, and I’m so glad I found it! I had forgotten all about it, but as I read it, it all came back to me, not to mention, I think it goes for $7 or something like that! It’s totally worth sacrificing a latte for.

The Bad Seed // This is the last book on our list, and I love the lesson behind it, that even those who choose to do bad things, can in turn, choose to become good. It also shows how bad ways, can stem from much deeper places. I always try and teach Luca to see the good in all people, and this is a great introduction to such a wide-spanning and impactful concept.

Edgar and the Tattle Tale Heart // based off of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Tell Tale Heart, this is such a fun little rendition for little ones, especially those with siblings, *cough* Luca & Harlow *cough,cough*

There you have it! Our October reading list! Have you read any of these books? Do you have any Halloween books you’d recommend for us?! Always looking to expand our library, so send em’ on our way!

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