This post has been in my drafts for days. I had a whole slew of posts lined up gearing us all up for the new year, but then I got hit with the flu, and man did I get hit hard. I felt like I had been hit by a semi truck. I’m pretty good with pain management, but this was something else. Dare I say I felt even worse than laboring and birthing 9 pound Harlow? It was bad. I must have taken 8 hot baths and showers in a 8 hour period to keep the body aches down. I couldn’t stomach anything, and I was useless. I didn’t even feel well enough to watch TV, scroll through my phone, or even sleep. It was terrible. I was lying in bed for the entire day, and at some points thought I was dying. Dramatic much? It hurt, to say the very least, but it did have some good that it brought. It was a huge reminder of how thankful I am to have my health. People, young and old, live with chronic pain, cancers, incurable diseases, and many other hurts, but I have my health and there isn’t a price I can put on that. I’m truly grateful for my well-being. And I am keeping all of you and yours in my heart and prayers now and in the coming new year!

How is it NYE??? Yikes. It’s true what they say, time flies once you have kids. A few photos below from our Christmas! I hope yours was the best yet. I will have our yearly recap, and what to expect in 2018 up tomorrow (and the ledger too, of course)! And I may sound super “mom-ish” in saying this, but think about staying in and keep safe tonight. Pop all the bubbly and cheers to this new beginning, friends! Also, sorry for the grainy photos, my editing was well below par while I did this. Still recovering….100% tomorrow, I swear!
Our “alberta spruce.” I cannot wait for the day when we get a real tree again, or at least a good fake that looks real, ha!Our stockings hung, and the advent calendar cleared out…The mini kraft paper wall!
Our tiny kitchen and our favorite spot in it, the coffee bar.Our entryway.Seeing if Santa came!
Checking if the reindeer ate their carrots we left at the front door…Opening gifts.
Running around my dad’s warehouse.

Another perfect Christmas, here and gone. I’m so excited for another year, and another chance to keep on keeping on, only this time even better than last ;).

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