Location: Lido Isle, Newport Beach

A puppy party was thrown for our puppy babe. We have said since he was born, if Harlow has lived other lives he was definitely a dog at some point! Don’t take it the wrong way, I say this very lovingly! It’s just so adorable to watch him. I’ll hold snacks out in my hand for him to come grab, and instead he’ll just go right in with this mouth until my hand is licked clean, he’s very territorial, and loves laying on his back being smothered with love & belly rubs. I don’t really know how to explain it, other than you’d have to see it to believe me! Anyhow, we decided on a puppy theme, and after having a ginormous party for Luca’s first birthday, I learned to adhere to what feels good and right for our family, and big parties just aren’t that. We’re all about the intimate vibes and small gatherings–so much less stress, and so fewer details to worry about.

I literally threw this party together in a week and a half. We were in the depths of moving into our new place, and life was super chaotic! I picked up a DIY banner from the paper source to make the puppy garland, ordered these little puppy figures to adorn his smash cake, and delegated my ultra talented little sister to handle the “pup” cakes! I made the smash cake with a box cake mix using these little pans (you guys they are the best for making mini tower cakes, and they are SO easy to use and clean). I had every intention of making Har one of those “healthy” smash cakes you see plastered all over pinterest when you search first birthday party ideas, but, well, you know, life happens. Lu and Harlow both got a stuffed dog (husky found here, dachshund found here), and we celebrated on the water in Newport. It was the perfect day for the perfect boy.

My sister Carlie, a.k.a. the pup cake master, also gave me the best idea for the straws. I ordered these little “wooden fetch stick” straws and I wanted to decorate them with little puppy faces. That was when she chimed in and said, “Why don’t you snap a pic of Harlow’s face on snapchat with the dog filter and cut little photos of him out!” It was so brilliant! I just adhered them with zots.

Our signature cocktail was a cucumber spritzer! I had my hair done a few months ago and was offered a very similar variation of this drink. It was so light and refreshing I knew I had to try and mimic the recipe, and truth be told, I think my version came out better! All you need is a bottle of cucumber vodka, sprite, fresh mint, and fresh cucumbers. It’s ridiculously easy to make! I used an entire bottle of sprite and added the cucumber vodka to taste (you can always add more vodka, but you cannot take away, so heed with caution when pouring…or don’t! Depends on the party! Just my suggestion). I muddled some fresh mint in a cup and then added it to the pitcher, and then sliced up some fresh cucumber and tossed that in as well. This is my new go-to summer drink. If you try it, comment below, and we can bond over how good it is below! Cheers!

Back to the party! For food, per usual, we had Chipotle. We always have Chipotle cater our events because a.) it’s delicious and b.) they make everything so darn easy. Literally, you don’t have to think about a thing, it’s reasonably priced and it’s always a hit with everyone. I highly recommend using them for any event in which you need to feed a handful or more people. I’m not affiliated with them in anyway, we just love Chipotle, ha!

We just love our little Harlow Rue, and I’m desperately trying to grasp how on earth he is a year old already…I seriously feel like I just birthed him. He’s such a blessing to our lives, and everyone he comes in contact with. I seriously cannot believe what a ride this past year has been with him. I could have never ever prepared myself for the amount of love my heart would be able to grow to love another child, and Harlow, my beautiful little baby, you have made my heart so ridiculously happy and full. I heard someone say once, “In raising my children I’ve lost my mind, but found my soul,” and I couldn’t have worded it any better. And on that note, Happy Birthday Harlow babe, we just love you so much!

Harlow and Luca’s romper and tee are from a local favorite of ours, Rylee & Cru

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