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Our Luca aka our ‘Luberry Muffin’ turned 4 at the end of July, and yes, I’m just now getting around to posting about his party! Tomorrow is his first day of preschool and I’m still trying to keep my composure. He’s so excited and I’m holding back tears. I started this little blog because I wanted to document life once I became pregnant with this little one, and I would never have imagined all those years ago we would end up here sorting out his first day of school and posting about parties he personally chose insisted on the theme for. Time is such a thief and a giver. Luca, I couldn’t be more proud of you and all that you are. I am so grateful for all the adventures we’ve had together thus far and all that is to come. Now, about the festivities!…
We had so much fun at Luca’s 4th Birthday that these were some of the only photos I managed to take. All Luca wanted was a jump house, and we told him he would have to wait until his 5th birthday, but his grandparents surprised him with one and I’ve never seen anyone so excited. We found a dinosaur piñata and let all the kids take a wack at it until it finally broke open. We are still munching on the leftovers late at night!We had the party at a local park because our house is too teeny to accommodate everyone. It turns out big open fields of grass are the best for 4 year old boys!
Luca’s 4th birthday snuck up on me so fast I wasn’t able to send out invitations, so I went with this quick e-vite. Don’t you just love all my puns?! I was initially super disappointed because I felt like I had really lowered the birthday bar, but I found Paperless Post for the invites and was so happy with the service, I may never do regular invitations again!  I’m not affiliated with them in anyway I just really loved their site and thought I would share. Everything from a map to the location to easy RSVPs and a private comment board made it really easy on me to keep track of everything. It was really inexpensive as well, I think I spent a total of $6 for the entire service, and it was well worth it. I’m usually a big Minted fan, but I may be converted!For food, we ordered 10 Costco pizzas, and bought juice boxes and drinks there as well. I decided I would homemake the cake because of everything else I handed off, so my sister came over and helped me make this jurassic themed cake! We made everything from scratch and topped it off with homemade chocolate ganache and crushed Chips Ahoy cookies with Reeses in them! It was so good. I ordered cheap little dinosaur figures off of amazon and I used those to decorate the cake and around it. Luca was so excited with how it turned out, so that was the biggest win! We had a ton of extra frosting leftover and made peanut butter cookie dough which we rolled  to look like dinosaur eggs, so we decided to decorate some cupcakes as well. We store bought some chocolate cupcakes and wiped off the frosting they originally came with and frosted them ourselves. Best hack ever!

Can you believe Luca is 4?! I am still trying to process it, but he is growing up to be the most beautiful little boy. Thankful to all of you who have been following along since before Luca ever came, and to all of you who are just joining this party! So happy to have each one of you!

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