A few days late, more like 12, but better late than never! Here’s the breakdown for this month, November, one of my favorite months in all the year!

November 1 // Write down your list of everyone you are going to buy gifts for this year. Jot down ideas as to what you might buy them, and make it a goal to be finished  shopping by December 1!

November 2 // Make a hair appointment, and plan to dye, trim, and style your hair in a way that will last you through the new year because ain’t no one got time for salon appointments this time of year.

November 3 // If you are a man, grow out your stache for no-shave  movember which brings awareness to men’s health issues.

November 4 // Whip out your Slow-Cooker, and try out a new recipe!

November 5 // Set your clocks back an hour for Daylight Savings! Enjoy an extra hour of sleep if you don’t have kids, and if you do enjoy waking up at 6 am instead of 7! haha

November 6 // Book any babysitters you may need in the coming months.

November 7 // Take or schedule a family photo for your Christmas Cards!

November 8 // Make or order your 2017 Christmas Cards.

November 9 // Watch a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving + all the Friends thanksgiving episodes!!! Some of my favorites!

November 10 // Veteran’s Day. Thank a veteran for their service.

November 11 // Order stamps for your Holiday cards so you don’t have to worry about long lines at the post office.

November 12 // Because you will be eating a lot of unhealthy foods in the coming months, try and drink a bunch of water and green tea to help detox yourself. Also don’t forget to up your Vitamin C intake as it tends to be that time of year when flus and colds are running rampant.

November 13 // Purchase a gingerbread house to make! Or bookmark a recipe to DIY if you are feeling really ambitious, Lord knows I’m not.

November 14 // Look at these cute pumpkin pie cut out cookies I found!

November 15  // decorate for the holidays! I know many people don’t want to start pulling out Christmas decor until after Thanksgiving, but anytime in November is good in my book! Same goes for Christmas music!

November 16 // Kick off your Christmas Music with Gwen Stefani’s new album! It is so good! My favorite song is “You Make it Feel Like Christmas” with Blake Shelton!

November 17 // Figure out what will go in your advent calendar this year. My kids love little figurines, so I’m planning on finding some of their favorite characters and filling each day with a mini Thomas train and maybe some cute puzzle erasers

November 18 // Finally get around to organizing my closet. I have so many clothes I no longer wear and need to donate. Also go through, organize, and donate the boys’ toys. In keeping with the donation theme, this year I want to find a good food bank in my new neighborhood to donate to.

November 19 // Make a batch of Apple Cider Sangria and garnish with pretty cranberries and sprigs of rosemary!

November 20 //Host a friendsgiving! Here are some friendsgiving rules and ideas.

November 21 // Pinterest all the tablescape ideas. You can see my Thanksgiving board here. I’m hosting our “friendsgiving” this year, and it makes me feel like an official adult!

November 22 // Bake two pies, and deliver one to a friends doorstep!

November 23 // Happy Thanksgiving!!! I always look forward to watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

November 24 // Black Friday shop if you are into that sorta thing. I’m much more of a small Saturday + cyber Monday person.

November 25 // Look up all your favorite small shops that are offering deals today. June & January will often post a link with discount codes, so be sure to check their site and/or instagram. Even if they don’t, I’m almost positive they will offer a really good discount themselves, and they have the best basics for kids. Also, today we celebrate Miles’ 31st birthday!

November 26 // Source out all the cyber Monday ideas and links for tomorrow. I always bookmark the sites I know I want to check out under a folder I create specifically for Christmas shopping!

November 27 // Shop Cyber Monday!

November 28 // Make something yummy with your Thanksgiving leftovers. I’m eyeballing this veggie burger!

November 29 // Watch a film adaptation of one of your favorite classic novels.

November 30 // Prepare yourself for a really joyful final month of the year, and do your very best to slow down and revel in all it is truly about.

Are you planning anything fun for November? Comment below!
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