A few favorites from the month of February! We were 15 minutes late to Luca’s field trip today because I totally forgot about it (palm to face) but we quickly threw ourselves together and showed up anyway. Sometimes I think that might just be the most important thing, showing up. So even though I have probably a million and a half other tasks to handle, I really wanted to show up and share this month’s favorites with you, so here I am, and here they are. Read more



    Location: IN MY HEART

    After having Luca, I wasn’t sure I would have any other children. My pregnancy with him was tumultuous, put my health in serious danger, and it took me months to recover postpartum. An experience like that definitely makes you question why you would ever gamble having to go through such a life altering hardship again…Prefacing, I was young, I found myself pregnant unexpectedly, I wasn’t married, and I didn’t know how to feel. I didn’t feel ready (side note: I now know from experience you never feel ready even when it’s “right” & what you want). Until you are sitting in a bathroom, anticipating the results of a pee saturated stick sitting there like a mystical crystal ball to determine your future, quite literally, that’s when it all becomes real. Read more



    Location: SPOTIFY

    I put together a quick dinner playlist for us to have on for Valentine’s Day, and I thought I would share! We have our wedding song, a few of our favorites we play all year, and a few to just set the mood! We’ll keep things low key, just the way we tend to like them. I’ll whip up our favorite baked ziti for dinner paired with a salad and something sparkling. Valentine’s crept up so quick, I’m just now putting together all of Luca’s Valentine’s day grams and coming up with a craft to do with his class on Tuesday. Most importantly, we’ll have love to share with each other, and that is the best thing we can do and give on Tuesday and everyday.


    4 YEARS.

    Location: LITTLE ITALY

    We celebrated 4 years of being married today! We actually “officially” celebrated a few days ago because of Miles’ work schedule, and we went out to dinner at a restaurant I had been wanting to try for some time. The restaurant was Herb & Wood in Little Italy and it was SO good. We had a beet salad and whipped eggplant hummus with pita bread to start, and then for dinner I tried their homemade pasta and Miles went all out ordering an escargot & bone marrow pizza! I could barely stand to watch him eat it (it truly was a vegetarian’s worst nightmare!). Miles said his new barometer on life is the “exclusivity factor,” meaning how exclusive something is determines what you’re getting out of life–I’ll stick with homemade pasta, yes, that is exclusive enough for me. Read more



    Fever. Tears. Swollen gums. Flushed cheeks. Endless snuggles.

    If you haven’t guessed from the above already, Harlow is still breaking teeth, and having a really hard time with it. I’m a human pacifier at this point, and my arms are the consistent coziest of cradles. I don’t mind so much, as I just feel so bad! At least it’s gloomy and rainy, and there doesn’t seem to be any good reason to leave our home anyhow.

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