The end all, be all. The grand finale. Christmas shopping is officially done in the Wood household, and now begins the tracking of delayed packages, stalking of our mailbox, and getting to the wrapping. This is the last of the guides for this year, and between two toll road tickets and my health insurance lapsing on me out of nowhere, I’m actually really impressed I got these all out, and so quick, I mean, who am I these days??? 

    one. | Luca has an older version of this SLEEPING BAG and I had his name embroidered at the top. It’s so comfy and soft, we’ve definitely gotten such a fair share of use out of it, and it’s still going strong. I figured it’s time Harlow got one of his own. We love putting these out during movie night, or when we’re having a lazy day. Read more




    Miles here. I created the gift guide for men and dudes alike last year, and I’m back at it again. Ask and you shall receive…

    Christmas is a magical time in a man’s life when he just might get what he wants without putting forth much more effort than usual. For a change he may be heard by eager ears and unsuspectingly rewarded for his listing efforts. No matter the day of the year everyone deserves to get what they want. Let the gains begin… Read more



    The last of the gift guides are here! I already posted stocking stuffer ideas for HIM, HER, and LITTLE ONES, and tomorrow the big gift guide for him, authored by Miles, will go up! We’ll end our guides with ideas for the babies in your life, and then I’ll be back to the normal journaling and rambling! I hope you’ve enjoyed these little guides as much as I’ve loved putting them all together! I love that you can purchase everything from the comfort of your home, preferably your sofa. Amen to that, my friends. 

    ONE. A layering color block cardigan for days you you just wanna be cozy and cute. I love the bell sleeves on this one, and it’s on sale!

    TWO. Half the price of actual ugg slippers, but just as soft. Minnetonka makes such good shoes, and I’m in need of some new house slippers.

    THREE. This is basically an industrial grade steamer in disguise. I never thought I would love smoothing out wrinkles so much. It’s literally therapeutic to use.

    FOUR. A books are magic mug because they are!

    FIVE. Simple, yet sturdy phone case that won’t make your phone the size of Saturn.

    SIX. Is it only my phone that is constantly running out of power?!

    SEVEN. One for you, your sister, and your best friend! This is necessary!

    EIGHT. Coasters are king in our house. I’m not usually uptight about these types of things, but a perspiring glass on a wood surface legitimately gives me anxiety.

    NINE. Have you heard about dry brushing? I’ll do a post on it soon, but it’s the best thing I’ve added to my routine.

    TEN. A splurge, but one well worth it. I bought these shoes last Christmas and they are my favorite. They are so comfortable, and go with everything. I can’t believe how well they have held up in all I’ve put them through. Just trust me on this one.

    ELEVEN. This is a good bottle to have bedside or in your purse. I like spraying my pillow with it, or spraying the living room with it throughout the day.

    TWELVE. Brixton makes such good hats. I love the firm felt, and I’m definitely adding this fedora brimmed style to my collection.


    What are some of your favorite gifts to buy for yourself or the women in your life?



    I linked all the stocking stuffers I could think of for little ones below! Most of these are gender neutral, but you can totally swap some out to make them more personalized to your kiddo! Hope you enjoy & Happy Gifting!

    one. | two. | three. | four. | five. | six. | seven. | eight. | nine. | ten. | eleven. | twelve. | thirteen. | fourteen. | fifteen.

    As I’ve stated before, I get all my Christmas shopping done way early, because I cannot deal with crowded malls or insane stress during the last month of the year. Most of my shopping I’ll do from the convenience of my couch, only going out when genuinely necessary, which in my book is hardly ever. Chipotle will definitely do the trick though ;). I’m basically purchasing two of everything in different styles for the boys. Harlow wants whatever Luca has and vice versa. So to make it easy on them and myself, I’ll just get one of each and they can swap around and enjoy each others’ toys while not arguing, although I’m sure they’ll still find some way to! What did I miss, and don’t say fidget spinner! haha jk, I actually did toss one in to their stockings, but only because I secretly get satisfaction out of messing around with one too. Stay tuned for the main gift guides coming up this week, and in the mean time you can see my stocking stuffers for HIM and HER. Happy Holidays, Friends! A big cheers from my peppermint latte to yours!



    Location: The North Pole

    December is here! The holidays are here! Ughhh, I’m beaming with excitement, it’s my favorite time of year! I can’t say enough good things, so let’s just jump right in to the December ledger, I’ve got lots of good things on here for this month!

    DEC 1. Put up the tree! Decorate your faux or real foliage with ornaments, lights, popcorn garland, and all the goods. I have and am obsessed with this tree topper!

    DEC 2. Finish up all your Christmas shopping early! Make room to enjoy the season. Get ideas and see all my gift guides go up as the month progresses. So far you can see stocking stuffers for HIM and HER.

    DEC 3. Organize your children’s toys as best you can to make room for the new ones they’ll be receiving. I’m thinking of splurging on these bins for the boys’ toys. Everything I’ve ever purchased from Land of Nod has been such good quality, so I can at least justify to Miles that they’ll hold up!

    DEC 4. Sort out what you’ll wear on Christmas. Read more



    Location: Waste deep in Diapers

    Is it just me, or did 2017 really whoosh on by? I know 2016, for many of us felt as though it dragged on and on, but this year, my goodness, I didn’t want a year in fast forward! But as I’m always telling the kiddos, “You get what you get and you don’t make a fuss.” But, in relation to all that, Harlow babe is about to be 19 months old in a few weeks here, and I’m holding on to the baby stage fiercely. Will this be my last babe? I don’t know, and that has me holding onto him in each stage for as long as possible.

    I’ll always remember being so excited for the day when I wouldn’t have to diaper any longer. I was so excited when Luca became potty trained, and of course shortly after he was, Harlow joined us. Such is life. But this time, around, I honestly haven’t minded it one bit. Diapers are a part of my routine, and I don’t really think twice about it, it’s just what I do. I don’t even long for the day Harlow is potty trained, I just want to revel in the present moment, allowing each of my children to hit their milestones at their own pace, and, I, doing my very best to enjoy the process. Read more