As fun as this was to put together, I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to know that it is done. I feel like men’s stocking stuffers are always the most difficult to come up with. I can come up with a million and one women’s & children’s ideas but every year it’s this one that stumps me, taking up my whole night. That being said, I hope you find this helpful and time-saving when you start to gift hunt for the men in your lives. I’m sure the ball cream won’t be making its way into your dad’s stocking, but you get the idea! Smart Outlet // Because no one wants to get up to turn off the lights.

Hand Salve // A classic favorite amongst hard-working men. Miles uses his hands constantly at work, and they always get so chapped so I slipped this little tub of cream into his stocking.

Chillsner // I hate beer. Literally, dislike it so, so much. Miles hates wine. Touché. Anyway, since we both are always drinking the opposite of one another, I figured I’d step up his beer game and keep things ice cold, or at least try because I know nothing about what makes a good beer or beer good.

Tire pressure gage// Don’t ask me why I put this on the list, I just know Miles will keep this in his glove box and use it on the regular.

Fresh Balls // Apparently it’s game changing to put baby powder on your package. I wouldn’t know because I don’t have one, but Miles swears by the stuff, and I happened upon this cream to powder stuff that is made especially for that arena. I seriously died laughing when I read the faqs because when asked if it was vegan and cruelty free, they answered something like “yes, it’s vegan, but unfortunately it’s not cruelty free as we’ve tested this product on over 15 species of beavers.” Is that a joke or real life?! I don’t even care. I like that Amazon sells a two-pack, because one to keep at home and one for his gym bag/travel bag.

Beer Gummies // So Miles can enjoy these while I chew on my champagne gummies.

Coffee Subscription // I/we love coffee in our house, and so this is technically a gift for him and her, but Miles specifically asked for a coffee of the month club. I did a little research and this is the one I’m gonna go with.

Ooma Bowl // A hand-held bowl for couch eating chips and guac? Strawberries and whipped cream? Egg rolls and sweet chili sauce? Ed, Ed n’ Eddie. Yes, Yes, & Yes.

Mazel Sunglasses// Classic shades that are a step up from Ray Bans.

Ethika Boxer Briefs // Best boxers according to Miles.

Hair Catching Drain Protector Because I have a lion’s mane, and my hair falls out constantly. Not like I’m going bald, just like holy hell I have a grip of hair and it can’t all stay attached to my head. Miles hates my hair being everywhere, so this is a little gift to him, for me. He will probably love this more than anything else.

Electric Shaver// A good grooming to for manscaping. Everyone’s happy.

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses// For when tequila shots are poured, and because I like things that also look pretty on our exposed shelf.

Harry’s Grooming Set // Miles’ go-to disposable. And at this price? Target does it again.

Automatic Bottle Opener// If I’m getting an automatic wine bottle opener, I have to seem like less of an alcoholic or at least get Miles on my level.

Adidas Slides // I feel like these are a classic house slipper. I just saw these and thought, “yeah, Miles wants those.” Did he tell me that? No. But 5 years of marriage did.

iPhone Lenses// So Miles can become even more of an instagram husband.

Big Foot Ornament// I always buy the boys and Miles an ornament each year. Something about this one caught my eye + what’s an ornament collection without big foot?

VICE Photo Book// A book without words, and a book by Vice. Sounds like Miles’ version of the Bible.

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