I linked all the stocking stuffers I could think of for little ones below! Most of these are gender neutral, but you can totally swap some out to make them more personalized to your kiddo! Hope you enjoy & Happy Gifting!

one. | two. | three. | four. | five. | six. | seven. | eight. | nine. | ten. | eleven. | twelve. | thirteen. | fourteen. | fifteen.

As I’ve stated before, I get all my Christmas shopping done way early, because I cannot deal with crowded malls or insane stress during the last month of the year. Most of my shopping I’ll do from the convenience of my couch, only going out when genuinely necessary, which in my book is hardly ever. Chipotle will definitely do the trick though ;). I’m basically purchasing two of everything in different styles for the boys. Harlow wants whatever Luca has and vice versa. So to make it easy on them and myself, I’ll just get one of each and they can swap around and enjoy each others’ toys while not arguing, although I’m sure they’ll still find some way to! What did I miss, and don’t say fidget spinner! haha jk, I actually did toss one in to their stockings, but only because I secretly get satisfaction out of messing around with one too. Stay tuned for the main gift guides coming up this week, and in the mean time you can see my stocking stuffers for HIM and HER. Happy Holidays, Friends! A big cheers from my peppermint latte to yours!

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