Fever. Tears. Swollen gums. Flushed cheeks. Endless snuggles.

If you haven’t guessed from the above already, Harlow is still breaking teeth, and having a really hard time with it. I’m a human pacifier at this point, and my arms are the consistent coziest of cradles. I don’t mind so much, as I just feel so bad! At least it’s gloomy and rainy, and there doesn’t seem to be any good reason to leave our home anyhow.

Yesterday, while driving home, I heard a podcast yesterday about rhythm over balance. Basically, in the interview, they were suggesting that this “balance” all of us seem to be looking for in our lives is non-existent, but rather we should be looking to perfect our “rhythm.” This really made me think about myself, my family, and my priorities. Since becoming a mother, starting my own business, being married, and all the other etceteras in my life, it has felt like I’m impossibly trying to level out a grain of sand with a dozen bricks. Does anyone else feel this way?

After hearing this idea of finding a rhythm, it made me feel better about just learning to juggle and realizing the longer I do it, the better I’ll get at it. It doesn’t mean I won’t occasionally drop the ball (pun intended), but being able to make a mistake and get back into the groove seems much more forgiving, and much less stressful than trying to level out my life.

I hope you are all having a great Monday! I’m off to tend to my sad and sweet little H, and try and contain myself for the Bachelor tonight! Thankfully there is always an upside to Mondays these days!

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