Okay, so I skipped September, but I really loved doing the ledger in August so I’m back at it again! It was especially fun to look back on it mid month and see all that I actually did + accomplished from the list I compiled!  Here’s October for ya!

October 1 Pull out and put up your Halloween decor! I’ll be doing a mini fall home tour soon!

October 2 Start lighting all the fall candles! This year, these are my favorites: this one, this one, and this one. P.S. The Capri Blue candle will definitely burn the longest and give you the most scent/sq. footage, but if you are on a budget, I’ve been burning the Target one and have been really impressed! I linked the Diptyque one, and yes it is a splurge, but I have found these to be the best quality candles of all time–they may be little, but they pack a big punch, kinda like myself, ha!

October 3  Hang a halloween felt garland. We bought ours from this Etsy shop.

October 4  Celebrate world taco day! Have you tried my vegan avocado tacos yet?!

October 5 Start to stalk up on dry skin remedies like chapstick, hand cream, and the holy grail of dry skin remedies, this stuff <– it may say hand cream, but you can use it everywhere.

October 6 Get in the kitchen and get baking! I’m looking to try this recipe, as well as this one. If you can’t find the time or don’t care for the mess, you can buy these pre-made Halloween gingerbread houses!

October 7 Read some Halloween books with the babies, I have a post of our favorites coming to you soon!

October 8 Attend a Concert! We are going to see Coldplay downtown this month, and I cannot wait. I’ve been wanting to see them ever since I can remember! Every time I attend a concert I always think, I’m definitely going to make an effort to attend more concerts, but then life happens, so I’m really excited to have actually planned this one out so far in advance! I think I bought the tickets in May?

October 9 This may seem so 7th grade, but I actually really like American Eagle lately! I think they are making a comeback?! If nothing else, definitely get yourself a few pairs of lounge socks from there, they have the very best. I’m going to get festive with these orange ones.

October 10 Give in and finally get myself these slippers, and these boots.

October 11 Write out what gifts you will be giving for Christmas this year and to who you will be purchasing gifts for. At least start brainstorming…I know, I know, this may seem early, but it’s way better to start planning these things out ahead of time. I don’t know about you, but I hate going to the mall during the holiday months while they are bustling with crazy people. I shopped early last year and did not regret it one bit. I really got to enjoy all the other parts of living that make the holidays so great. Trust me on this one and thank me later!

October 12  Make caramel and/or candy apples to leave at friends’ doorsteps!

October 13 Take Luca on his second annual nature walk + hunt. Check out last years and get our free printable to go on one yourself HERE.

October 14 Take the kids to a pumpkin patch. If you live in San Diego or the surrounding area, I highly recommend this one.

October 15 Have a movie night. Pop up some popcorn and watch Room on the Broom, Hotel Transylvania + Hocus Pocus with the kids.

October 16 Finally get around to finishing up the boys’ shared room. I’ve been eyeballing  this faux fiddle leaf tree and I think their room could be just the place for it!

October 17 Order your Halloween costumes if you haven’t already. Still trying to sort out what we wanna be over here!

October 18 Make hot chocolate using ghost peep marshmallows!

October 19 Order the Halloween Lush bath bombs before they run out, and enjoy some fun colored baths with the little ones.

October 20 Read a good book cozied up on the couch. I’m thinking this one.

October 21 Have a pin fest a.k.a spend a ridiculous amount of time pinning away all the Fall stuff, all the Christmas things, and all the cute outfits I have no money to buy. You can see what I’ve been pinning here!

October 22 Pull out the old crock pot! I love making this soup in mine (use veggie stock to make it vegetarian).

October 23 Make some cinnamon butter! Here is my recipe:

  • 4 sticks of unsalted, lightly softened butter.
  • 3/4 cup honey.
  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • 4 tsp. of cinnamon.
  • Whip all ingredients together until thoroughly mixed. Save in containers and share with friends! Best served on homemade pumpkin pancakes!

October 24 Try and host a FEED supper.

October 25 Visit Disneyland, at least once, while it is still decorated for Halloween (and before our passes expire!).

October 26 Film and post at least 2 YouTube videos. What would you like to see?!  Visit and subscribe to my channel HERE!

October 27  Go see a local play. “Of Mice and Men,” one of my favorite classic novels by John Steinbeck, is being performed locally, in Solana Beach, from October 18-November 12. More details here.

October 28 Organize and clean out my closet and clothing.

October 29 Sew a Halloween quilt!

October 30 Carve Pumpkins!

October 31 Happy Halloween! Dress up, trick-or-treat, and pass out candy!

I would honestly love to know what kind of traditions you have for the month of October?! Personally, this is my favorite time of year, and I hope it drags out slowly because I really don’t want it to end! Happy October Friends, here’s to many a warm apple cider!

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